“Our association with the Belshaw Agency has been inspiring and productive. In addition to providing solid web development for our organization, the Belshaw Agency has stepped up to the challenge of helping us market in the world of intangible products where a clear picture needs to be painted for our website visitors. Today that picture is driving home the value of our firm’s ideas and creativity. We are particularly pleased with our clients’ reactions to how the website captures the elements important in our culture. The Belshaw Agency’s professionalism and follow up have been admirable.”

Randy Zech

“Our small group at the Dragonfly Foundation is extremely busy making nearly 1,000 kids and young adults enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants smile. We don’t have time to mess around. We also are very protective of our image and how we interact with Dragonfly families, volunteers, donors, and supporters. While Billy Belshaw and Belshaw Agency came with the highest of recommendations, we wondered if he could meet our exacting standards. He came to prepared to the first meeting and has exceeded our expectations ever since. We are truly fortunate to have his support and advocacy. The best things we can say about him is that he has our back in every situation, and he can see the big picture while not losing sight of the components and how they all interact. We wholeheartedly agree with the person who referred him initially. I’m confident you will agree with us both.”

Ria Davidson

“I have worked with Billy on various advertising and promotional projects over the past 3 years. His passion for his client’s success is evident from the moment he begins his relationship with you. Billy is extremely responsive and sensitive to the individual needs of his clients. I can’t think of anyone else I would want on my team to expand my outreach of care.”

Dr. Douglas A Recker

“The best part about working with the Belshaw Agency is the level of professionalism. From the moment we started our website re-design and logo revamping, the ease at which Billy makes you feel and the constant communication he has with his clients is comforting. Your business is your life and with the Belshaw agency, you feel like his biggest client, no matter the size of your project. I have a unique business and the Belshaw Agency really knew how to make us feel at ease with their expertise regarding all types of businesses. I really can not say enough great things about my experience. They continue to make me feel taken care of and I know, that no matter what I’ll need today or tomorrow, they will be ready and willing to help me out.”

Mary Sharp

Chief Brand Officer, A.J. Rahn Greenhouses